Jiajie Xu  许佳捷

Ph. D, Professor

Room 303, Ligong Building, Soochow University

Email: xujj@suda.edu.cn



Dr. Jiajie Xu is a professor of Soochow University, and a member of the advanced data analytics (ADA) research center. He got his Ph.D. and Master degree from Swinburne University of Technology and University of Queensland in 2006 and 2011 respectively, and then worked in the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences as assistant professor before joining Soochow University.


  • Spatio-temporal Database Systems
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile Computing and Workflow Systems


  • Professor (2013-Now)Computer Science, Soochow University
  • Assistant Professor (2011-2013)Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Ph.D. (2007-2011)Computer Science, Swinburne University of Technology


Conference Papers

  1. Pengpeng Zhao, Haifeng Zhu, Yanchi Liu, Jiajie Xu, Zhixu Li, Fuzhen Zhuang, Victor S. Sheng, Xiaofang Zhou. Where to go Next: A Spatio-Temporal Gated Network for Next POI Recommendation. To appear in AAAI 2019. 
  2. Zhongjian Lv, Jiajie Xu, Kai Zheng, Hongzhi Yin, Pengpeng Zhao, Xiaofang Zhou: LC- RNN: A Deep Learning Model for Traffic Speed Prediction. In Proceedings of the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2018, pp. 3470-3476.
  3. Jing Zhao, Jiajie Xu, Rui Zhou, Pengpeng Zhao, Chengfei Liu: On Prediction of User Destination by Sub-Trajectory Understanding: A Deep Learning based Approach. In Proceedings of the 276th ACM International conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2018, pp. 1413-1422.
  4. Jiabao Sun, Jiajie Xu, Rui Zhou, Kai Zheng, Chengfei Liu: Discovering Expert Drivers from Trajectories. In Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Database Engineering, ICDE 2018, pp. 1332-1335.
  5. Jiuru Gao, Jiajie Xu, Guanfeng Liu, Wei Chen, Hongzhi Yin, Lei Zhao: A Privacy-Preserving Framework for Sub-graph Pattern Matching in Cloud. In Proceedings of the 23th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, DASFAA 2018(1), pp. 307-322.
  6. Jiabao Sun, Jiajie Xu, Kai Zheng, Chengfei Liu: Interactive Spatial Keyword Querying with Semantics. In Proceedings of the 26th ACM International conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2017, pp. 1727-1736.  
  7. Huiwen Liu, Jiajie Xu, Kai Zheng, Chengfei Liu, Lan Du, Xian Wu: Semantic-aware Query Processing for Activity Trajectories. In Proceedings of the 10th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, WSDM 2017, pp. 283-292.
  8. Zhongjian Lv, Jiajie Xu, Chengfei Liu, Pengpeng Zhao, Lei Zhao, Xiaofang Zhou: Outlier Trajectory Detection: A Trajectory Analytics based Approach. In Proceedings of the 22th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, DASFAA 2017(1), pp. 231-246.
  9. Jing Chen, Jiajie Xu, Chengfei Liu, Zhixu Li, An Liu, Guanfeng Liu: Multi-objective Spatial Keyword Query with Semantics. In Proceedings of the 22th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, DASFAA 2017(2), pp. 34-48.
  10. Shushu Liu, An Liu, Zhixu Li, Guanfeng Liu, Jiajie Xu, Lei Zhao, Kai Zheng: Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Web Service QoS Prediction via Differential Privacy. In Proceedings of the 1st International joint Conference on APWeb/WAIM 2017 (1), pp. 200-214 (Best Paper Award). 

Journal Papers

  1. Zhihu Qian, Jiajie Xu, Kai Zheng, Xiaofang Zhou: Semantic-aware top-k Spatial Keyword Queries. In World Wide Web Journal 21(3), 573-594, 2018.
  2. Pengpeng Zhao, Hanhan Jiang, Jiajie Xu, Victor S. Sheng, Guanfeng Liu, An Liu, Jian Wu, Zhiming Cui: Location-aware publish/subscription index with complex Boolean expressions. In World Wide Web Journal 20(6): 1363-1384, 2017. 
  3. Zhixu Li, Qiang Yang, An Liu, Guanfeng Liu, Jia Zhu, Jiajie Xu, Kai Zheng, Min Zhang: Crowd-Guided Entity Matching with Consolidated Textual Data. In Journal of Computer Science and Technology 32(5): 858-876 (2017)
  4. Kai Zheng, Bolong Zheng, Jiajie Xu, Guanfeng Liu, An Liu, Zhixu Li: Popularity-aware spatial keyword search on activity trajectories. In World Wide Web Journal 20(4): 748-773, 2017. 
  5. Wei Jiang, Jie Zhu, Jiajie Xu, Zhixu Li, Pengpeng Zhao, Lei Zhao: A feature based method for trajectory dataset segmentation and profiling. In World Wide Web Journal  20(1): 5-22, 2017.
  6. Pengpeng Zhao, Hailing Fan, Victor S. Shen, Zhixu Li, Jiajie Xu, Jian Wu, Zhiming Cui: Monochromatic and Bichromatic Ranked Reverse Boolean Spatial Keyword Nearest Neighbours Search. In World Wide Web Journal 20(1): 39-59, 2017.
  7. Jian Dai, Zhiming Ding, Jiajie Xu: Context-based Moving Object Trajectory Uncertainty Reduction and Ranking in Road Network. In Journal of Computer Science and Technology 31(1): 167-184, 2016.  
  8. Jian Dai, Chengfei Liu, Jiajie Xu, Zhiming Ding: On Personalized and Sequenced Route Planning. In World Wide Web Journal 19(4): 679-705, 2016. 
  9. Wei Chen, Lei Zhao, Jiajie Xu, Guanfeng Liu, Kai Zheng, Xiaofang Zhou: Trip Oriented Search on Activity Trajectory. In Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 30 (4): 745-761, 2015. 
  10. Jiajie Xu, Yunjun Gao, Chengfei Liu, Lei Zhao, Zhiming Ding: Efficient Route Search on Hierarchical Dynamic Road Networks. In Distributed and Parallel Databases 32(2): 227 – 252, 2015. 


Research Projects
1. Trajectory Big Data Driven Traffic Perception and Prediction Technologies. NSFC General Project, 2019-2022. (grant# 61872258, Principle Investigator) 
2. User Intension Oriented Activity Trajectory Search and Recommendation System. NSFC Yong Scholar Project, 2015-2017.(Chief Investigator) 
3. Data Interoperability Oriented Full Outsourced Querying. NSFC General Project, 2016-2019.(Co-Investigator)
4. Internet-of-Things for sensing Unconventional Emergencies and for Emergency Commanding. NSFC Key Project, 2012-2015.(Co-Investigator)
5. Design of General Purposed Trajectory Data Management System. Open Project of State Key Laboratory (Chief Investigator)

Industry Projects
1. Research and Development on High Performance Semantic Searching Services in Cloud Environment (Chief Investigator)
2. R&D on Industrial Data Intelligence (Chief Investigator)
3. OCP and Virtualization platform solutions (Chief Investigator)

Professional Service

  • Conference Local Organization Co-Chairs: DASFAA 2017, APweb 2016 
  • CCF Big Data Technical Community, Corresponding Member 
  • Conference PC Member:AAAI; ICDM; APWeb; WISA; CBPM; IEEE DSS...
  • Invited Reviewer: IEEE TKDE; IJGIS; WWWJ; JCST; KAIS; GeoInformatica; IEEE TITS