The 22nd International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications

DASFAA is an annual international database conference, which showcases state-of-the-art R&D activities in database systems and their applications. It provides a forum for technical presentations and discussions among database researchers, developers and users from academia, business and industry. DASFAA 2017, the 22nd in the series, will be held from March 27th -30th, 2017 in Suzhou, China.

About Suzhou

The long history of Suzhou City has left behind many attractive scenic spots and historical sites with beautiful and interesting legends. The elegant classical gardens, the old-fashioned houses and delicate bridges hanging over flowing waters in the drizzling rain, the beautiful lakes with undulating hills in lush green, and the exquisite arts and crafts, etc. have made Suzhou a renowned historical and cultural city full of eternal and poetic charm. 

Suzhou is best known for its gardens: Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, the Surging Wave Pavilion, and the Master of Nets Garden. These gardens weave together the best of traditional Chinese architecture, painting and arts. 

Suzhou is also known as the "Venice of the East". The city is sandwiched between Taihu Lake and Grand Canal. Network of cannels, criss-crossed with hump-backed bridges, give Suzhou an image of City on the water.

Advanced database and Web applications

Big data


Cloud data management

Data archive and digital library

Data mining

Data model and query language

Data quality and credibility

Data semantics and data integration

Data streams and time-series data

Data warehouse and OLAP

Databases for emerging hardware

Database usability and HCI

Graph data management

Indexing and storage systems

Information extraction and summarization

Multimedia databases

Parallel, distributed and P2P systems

Probabilistic and uncertain data

Query processing and optimization

Real-time data management

Recommendation systems

Search and information retrieval

Security, privacy, and trust

Semantic web and knowledge management

Sensor data management

Social network analytics

Statistical and scientific databases

Temporal and spatial databases

Transaction management

Web information systems

XML, RDF and semi-structured data