Workshop Aim And Scope

   As the development of World Wide Web, social networking sites, wikis and folksonomies are becoming more and more popular, where the Knowledge Acquisition, Representation and Management (KARM) are the crucial aspects of successful intelligent systems. Knowledge Acquisition is central to the design of cognitive systems. Knowledge should be in a form that allows systems to explain their inferences and accept user feedback. At the same time, knowledge acquisition should exhibit characteristics akin to those of human learning, so that humans can relate to it and be able to interact with it as if it were a knowledgeable colleague. Moreover, the new challenges, problems, and issues have emerged in the context of knowledge representation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), involving the logical manipulation of increasingly large information sets. Furthermore, Knowledge Management stresses the importance of using KM to enhance knowledge production in organizations, not just knowledge sharing or integration. The goal of this workshop is to bring together the researchers involved in the development and application of Knowledge Acquisition, Representation and Management techniques.

   The 1st International Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition, Representation and Management (KARM) with WISE 2017 will bring together the academia, researchers and industrial practitioners from Information Extraction, NLP, Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Base, and provide a forum for recent advances in the field of Knowledge Graph, Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Representation, Graph and Data Management.