Jiajie Xu  许佳捷

Ph. D, Associate Professor

Room 303, Ligong Building, Soochow University

Email: xujj@suda.edu.cn



Dr. Jiajie Xu is an associate professor of Soochow University, and a member of the advanced data analytics (ADA) research center. He got his Ph.D. and Master degree from Swinburne University of Technology and University of Queensland in 2006 and 2011 respectively, and then worked in the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences as assistant professor before joining Soochow University.


  • Spatio-temporal Database Systems
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile Computing and Workflow Systems


  • Associate Professor (2013-Now)Computer Science, Soochow University
  • Assistant Professor (2011-2013)Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Ph.D. (2007-2011)Computer Science, Swinburne University of Technology


Journal Papers

  1. Jian Dai, Zhiming Ding, Jiajie Xu: Context-based Moving Object Trajectory Uncertainty Reduction and Ranking in Road Network. To appear in JCST.
  2. Jian Dai, Chengfei Liu, Jiajie Xu, Zhiming Ding: On Personalized and Sequenced Route Planning. To appear in World Wide Web Journal.
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  8. Zhiming Ding, Jiajie Xu, Qi Yang: A SeaCloud Framework for Sensor Data Management towards Internet of Things. In Journal of Supercomputing 66(3): 1260-1284 (2013).

Conference Papers

  1. Jiajie Xu, Guanfeng Liu, Kai Zheng, Chengfei Liu, Haoming Guo, Zhiming Ding: On Efficient Passenger Assignment for Group Transportation. In DASFAA 2015(1), pp. 226-243.
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User Intension Oriented Activity Trajectory Search and Recommendation System. NSFC Yong Scholar Project (No. 61402312, Chief Investigator)

Professional Service

  • CCF Big Data Technical Community, Corresponding Member 
  • Conference PC Member:MobiWis 2012; bigEM 2013; ICDM 2014, 2015 (demo); CBD 2014;CCF BigData 2015; CBPM 2015
  • Invited Reviewer: IEEE TKDE; IJGIS; WWWJ; JCST; KAIS; GeoInformatica; IEEE TITS